Friends, we provide you with VPN services for over a year and have gone from the establishment of our company from the ground up to tens of thousands of trusted users of the service.

All this time we were working on the implementation of the technical features VPN, improving ease of use, expansion of the network servers and increase the protection of your personal data. This year we have provided the use of the service is absolutely free.

We want to continue to improve the quality of our service and add more servers in different countries. To achieve these goals , we have decided to continue to provide VPN services on a fee basis. Buying a subscription, you will get more servers , more speed and more secure encryption of your personal information.

Today we've updated the site, the server and the client application . Added new servers in the U.S. and Germany. Users who have registered earlier, we provide the opportunity to use the service for free for 4 days.

We hope for your understanding and further cooperation.